The Bach Buddy

Price $150NZD incl gst



Introducing the “Bach buddy”
A portable outdoor cooker / brazier

*110% kiwi!
*Ingeniously designed one piece outdoor wood-burning cooker
*100% recycled from an LPG bottle.
*Rugged and tough 3mm steel,made to last.
*Professional grade fire painted to withstand 650degC temperatures
*Small enough to chuck in the boot
*Large enough to warm your circle of friends.
*Great talking point at your next backyard bash.


1 x Bach buddy one piece cooker
1 x Fire poker/ lifter

1 x Ground tile if required- (pick up only)


1. Place cooker on a flat outdoor surface ( when using on a patio or deck
use an oven tray or large ground tile to contain falling ash.

2. Insert crushed newspaper / cardboard into the front opening and place
Kindling on top.

3. light fire. ( you may initially see some smoke as the fire gets up to
temperature. Depending on the dryness of the wood, after a few minutes
smoke will reduce as internal temperature increases.)

4. A wide range of common cookware may be used with this stove.
Kettles, frypans, skillets, and saucepans just to name a few.
Keep adding fuel as needed.

NOTE: This is intended for outdoor use only!
Please be fire safe.



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